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NO.1 A government client needs you to set up secure cryptographic key storage for some of their
confidential data. You decide that the AWS CloudHSM is the best service for this. However, there
seem to
be a few pre-requisites before this can happen, one of those being a security group that has certain
open. Which of the following is correct in regards to those security groups?
A. A security group that has port 22 (for SSH) or port 3389 (for RDP) open to your network.
B. A security group that has no ports open to your network.
C. A security group that has only port 3389 (for RDP) open to your network.
D. A security group that has only port 22 (for SSH) open to your network.
Answer: A

AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional 知識   
AWS CloudHSM provides secure cryptographic key storage to customers by making hardware securit
modules (HSMs) available in the AWS cloud.
AWS CloudHSM requires the following environment before an HSM appliance can be provisioned.
A virtual private cloud (VPC) in the region where you want the AWS CloudHSM service.
One private subnet (a subnet with no Internet gateway) in the VPC. The HSM appliance is provisioned
into this subnet.
One public subnet (a subnet with an Internet gateway attached). The control instances are attached
this subnet.
An AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role that delegates access to your AWS resources to
An EC2 instance, in the same VPC as the HSM appliance, that has the SafeNet client software
This instance is referred to as the control instance and is used to connect to and manage the HSM
A security group that has port 22 (for SSH) or port 3389 (for RDP) open to your network. This security
group is attached to your control instances so you can access them remotely.

NO.2 Your system recently experienced down time during the troubleshooting process. You found
that a new
administrator mistakenly terminated several production EC2 instances.
Which of the following strategies will help prevent a similar situation in the future?
The administrator still must be able to:
launch, start stop, and terminate development resources.
launch and start production instances.
A. Create an IAM user, which is not allowed to terminate instances by leveraging production EC2
termination protection.
B. Leverage EC2 termination protection and multi-factor authentication, which together require users
authenticate before terminating EC2 instances
C. Leverage resource based tagging, along with an IAM user which can prevent specific users from
terminating production, EC2 resources.
D. Create an IAM user and apply an IAM role which prevents users from terminating production EC2
Answer: C

AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional 関節   

NO.3 You are looking to migrate your Development (Dev) and Test environments to AWS. You have
decided to
use separate AWS accounts to host each environment. You plan to link each accounts bill to a Master
AWS account using Consolidated Billing. To make sure you Keep within budget you would like to
implement a way for administrators in the Master account to have access to stop, delete and/or
resources in both the Dev and Test accounts. Identify which option will allow you to achieve this goal.
A. Create IAM users in the Master account Create cross-account roles in the Dev and Test accounts
have full Admin permissions and grant the Master account access.
B. Create IAM users in the Master account with full Admin permissions. Create cross-account roles in
Dev and Test accounts that grant the Master account access to the resources in the account by
permissions from the Master account.
C. Create IAM users and a cross-account role in the Master account that grants full Admin
permissions to
the Dev and Test accounts.
D. Link the accounts using Consolidated Billing. This will give IAM users in the Master account access
resources in the Dev and Test accounts
Answer: A

AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional 攻略   

NO.4 The user has provisioned the PIOPS volume with an EBS optimized instance. Generally speaking,
which I/O chunk should the bandwidth experienced by the user be measured by AWS?
A. 128 KB
B. 32 KB
C. 64 KB
D. 256 KB
Answer: D

AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional 認証   
IOPS are input/output operations per second. Amazon EBS measures each I/O operation per second
(that is 256 KB or smaller) as one IOPS.

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JapanCertのAmazonAWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional 資格参考書を購入したら、あなたは人生の最も重要な試験準備のことを実現できます。あなたは最高のトレーニング資料を手に入れました。JapanCertの製品を買ったら、あなた自身のために成功への扉を開きました。あなたは最も小さな努力で最大の成功を取ることができます。

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いつもあなたに最高のAWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional 資格参考書に関連する試験参考書を与えられるために、JapanCertは常に問題集の質を改善し、ずっと最新の試験のシラバスに応じて問題集を更新しています。現在の市場では、JapanCertはあなたの最もよい選択です。長い間にわたって、JapanCertは多くの受験生に認可されました。私を信じていないなら、周りの人々に聞いてみてもいいです。JapanCertの試験問題集を利用したことがある人がきっといますから。JapanCertは最優秀な試験AWS-Solutions-Architect-Professional 資格参考書を提供してあなたを試験に合格させることを保証します。

JapanCertはきみの貴重な時間を節約するだけでなく、 安心で順調に試験に合格するのを保証します。JapanCertは専門のIT業界での評判が高くて、あなたがインターネットでJapanCertの部分のAmazon AWS-Solutions-Architect-Associate日本語 日本語版参考資料を無料でダウンロードして、弊社の正確率を確認してください。弊社の商品が好きなのは弊社のたのしいです。